First and foremost, It’s not about me but about you and the property that you hire me to inspect for you.

As your home inspector, I will observe, describe and report my findings to you in an easy to understand format. I will go over all of my findings with you until I have explained in easy to understand language and answer any concerns and questions. I schedule no more than two inspections per day in order to be able to spend as much time as we need to address any concerns you have right after the inspection.

My sole purpose of the inspection process is to inspect, collect and report my findings so that you can make an educated decision to move forward in the process.

There is not one property that is totally perfect (a property without any defects), nor two properties are the same either. There are many factors that deal into the condition of a property. The way that an owner has cared for a property in the past has a great influence on how a property will age in the future. I do not pass or fail any property, I just report on the actual physical evidence which is present at the time of the inspection.

I have been in the “Real Estate” profession for well over 40 years in one form or another. From being a tenant & landlord to real estate sales & rentals to construction & remodeling and now of holder of state licenses as a home inspector in both Florida and New Jersey. The 40 years plus of practical working experience in the real estate profession has giving me a broad foundation of knowledge in order to provide the best possible inspection experience for you, my client.