I have a question for you,

Does the Home Inspector which you hire or recommend to others offer INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING?  The following should make your answer YES!

The first photo is what I saw with the naked eye as through my normal camera. The second is the image from my FLIR E-40bx Infrared Thermal Imaging camera.

This is what I found during a House Inspection recently. You can see that the first photo was non eventful. I only observed a fine line crack in the upper left hand corner, as I continued my inspection I was not aware of the hidden abnormality. I continued with my visual inspection of the structure noting any defects as I came across them.

As an additional service, which I provide free of any extra charge to my inspection fee, I started to walk through the structure again to scan with an Infrared Thermal Imaging camera. My walk through was uneventful until I came to this point in the 2nd floor ceiling. Though hidden to the naked eye, the Infrared Thermal Imaging camera noticed an abnormality; because of the shape and location of the abnormality it appeared to be moisture hidden underneath the flat roofing deck. It would only be a matter of time before this would become visible and by then greater damage would have happened.

I was able to inform the buyer about this hidden abnormality and to seek further investigation by a licensed roofing contractor that deals in flat roofing systems.

This is just one of many different type of hidden abnormalities which may be discovered by an inspector which uses tools such as an Infrared Thermal Imaging camera in addition to the standard required tools, and for those of you thinking this. . . . Infrared Thermal Imaging is not X-ray (radiation) nor can it see through walls, it measures differences in surface temperatures.

If this subject has sparked an interest, contact me via email or cell and let me know if I can answer any of your concerns or questions. For those of you who are REALTORS, I would be happy to come by your office and show you more.


Bob Brkal, Owner / Inspector-Consultant     

NJ License # 24GI00147300     

Direct: 732-796-4385

Email: bob@do-riteinspections.com

Website: do-ritepropertyinspections.com







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